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I'm exactly what it says on the tin; a Fangirl who loves anime and wolves :D

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So as many of you may have heard, anime just doesn't do it for me anymore, and i thought it might be interesting for you to know why. But, as always, this is my opinion, so i don't want anyone crying in the comments about this journal. We all have opinions, even though on the internet it seems illegal to have them, and i would just like to share mine with you. Perhaps you guys can respond though in the comments and give me your thoughts on this topic? (as long as it's pleasantly done though) 

First of all, the sexualisation-

Poison Ivy- Batman                        Lucy Heartfillia- Fairy Tail

For this reason, i have chosen two characters from a comic and a manga/anime which i will compare. Both of these characters are overly sexulized, yes, but one looks powerfully sexy, the other just looks weakly. In my opinion, Ivy's appearance makes her looks threatening and beautiful, whereas Lucy just looks cute, with her breasts too big to support her figure. Now, both of these characters are supposed to be powerful, but somehow Lucy's eyes make her look too innocent, and the same goes for another Fairy Tail character, Erza Scarlet, who even in her most threatening appearances, still looks cute and shows off far too much cleavage to be a warrior. 

Erza Scarlet- Fairy Tail                                     Samus Aran- Metroid

Compared to a character like Samus, the anime females are not inspiring, and quite frankly look like children compared to powerful warriors. Samus is also a sexualized character, who where's a tight fitting blue suit underneath her armor, but even in that, she does not need to be showing off clevage to look attractive. 

Secondly, the protagonists

Naruto Uzamaki- Naruto                             Luffy D Monkey- One Piece

I chose the two most well known anime protagonists from two of the longest running anime there are. Naruto's personality is as follows: he's a try hard ninja who wants to be the best and will do anything for his friends. He is also extremely powerful, unfairly so when it comes to other characters, and does not have many flaws, other than the fact that his parents are dead, is very quirky, not smart, and didn't fit in. 
Luffy, from the episodes which i've watched (and i did get quite far in the series but in fairness was the series that put me off of anime) is a happy-go-lucky ninja who is extremely powerful and will do anything for his friends. However, his intelligence lets him down and he is hot headed and eager to get into a fight. 

In my opninion, most anime leads have the same personality, and it gets incredibly boring... Characters like Natsu Dragneel and Ash Ketchum also fall into this stereotype protagonist catagory...I understand that side characters may be more gripping, but we don't see them as often. 

Now, let's look at two main and well loved protagonists from another medium-

Bruce Wayne- Batman        Master Chief- Halo

Bruce Wayne is a billionaire hero who is secretly one of the greatest crime fighters in comic book history. His parents were shot in front of him, which lead him to want to rid Gotham City of crime. Starting off, he sounds like one of the previously mentioned anime characters, but he has more depth: firstly, he is intelligent and witted, as he is named an 'ace detective'. His flaws are also more indepth and believable, with him having little connections with people due to him having to keep his identity up, as therefore finds it hard to make new ones. He also fears killing, due to the death of his parents, which leads him to a lot of regret when his enemies kill hundreds of people, yet he cannot bring himself to kill them. This is because that he fears that as soon as he takes one life, he won't be able to stop. He is far more complex in my opinion.
Next is Master Chief, who is a Spartan soldier of the UNSC. He was trained since he was a child to only good for one thing: killing. He is therefore a supersoldier, with incredible strength, agility and intelligence when it comes to combat. However, due to being raised in warfare, he finds it hard to relate to humans and feel a lot of emotions. He has also always been a loner, and when his artificial intelligence friend, Kortana, is showing signs of breaking, he doesn't know how to cope with it, and it destroys him mentally. He does all he can to save her but has to accept her death, which is something he'd never experienced, and it makes him angrier.

Lastly- Art Style

I briefly covered this when talking about females, but i'll expand. 

The Killing Joke                                                                          A Naruto Manga

Comics are just so much more vibrant and realistic. They're always in colour, and always have so much more detail in their work. I could see this Joker being a real person, but i couldn't see Sasuke or Itachi being real. This would be why manga books never successfully get live action movies or shows, whereas comics do. 
 Even in black and white comics, like The Walking Dead, the detail and realism is so much greater, and the emotions also seem more visible.  The Realism even makes comic book characters look more attractive in my opinion, as they are more plausable. 

However, there are some anime that i still enjoy, as i feel their characters and plots are a lot more believable, like Attack on Titan and Wolf's Rain. I truly felt like those characters were real people with real emotions, which is what any show, animated or not, should do. So yeah, anime, when i believe that a bunch of pastel ponies are real thinking feeling people, but not your characters, you're clearly doing something wrong.

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