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I'm exactly what it says on the tin; a Fangirl who loves anime and wolves :D

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1. Welcome to the interview! Would you first like to introduce yourself?

Akira: I'm Akira! *grins* 
Meiburu: Meiburu Ruto *winks*

2. So, are you acquainted with any of our other participants?

Akira: Urm, she kinda looks like Scarlet... But we're from like two different time zones.
Meiburu: Why would i want to be acquainted with a walking talking cat? It's weird. I mean, i thought Kisame was weird, but this is next level. 

3. How old are you?

Akira: I'm 24! *grins*
Meiburu: 19.

4. Height and weight?

Meiburu: *places hands on hips* None of your concern!
Akira: I'm really short and really buff... is that helps? These number things confuse me...

5. Sexual orientation?

Meiburu: My sexual orientation will change due to the job at task; i will sleep with women for information but not enjoy it. So normall, i'm straight. 
Akira: Straight too, with Ulfric. 

6. Best friend?

Akira: *glomps Derkeethus*
Me: How did he get in here?!
Akira: We go everywhere together!
Meiburu: Daku i suppose... or Sako... one of the two. 

7. Occupation?

Akira: Former member of the Thieves Guild, and now a general of the Stormcloak army.
Meiburu: They let someone like you become a general? Anyway, spy and interrogator.

8. Religious Affiliation? 

Meiburu: Atheist.
Akira: Also Atheist, despite everyone around be believing in Talos. Talos was just a man with kickass magic. *shrugs*

9. IQ?

Meiburu: 139, i'm smart *smirks*
Akira: What's IQ?
Me: A level of basic problem solving ability.
Akira: Ohh... yeah no clue
Me: She's probably around the middle, so 110.

10. Do you have a partner?

Akira: Yep! Happily married!
Ulfric: I wouldn't exactly call it happy... *chuckles a bit*  the whole country thinks i should divorce and marry a human. 
Me: How did you get in here too?!
Ulfric: Magic: *teleports out*
Meiburu: Relationships are a bit tricky, but yes, i'm with Deidara.  

11. How many weapons are currently on your person?

Meiburu: Weapons? Please, let's be more civilised than that. My greatest weapon is myself, my cunning ability and mind. 
Akira: Urm... *empties bag* crossbow... greatsword... double daggers... sword... So how many's that?
Me: 5, if you count the double daggers as 2. 
Akira: Do my claws count?
Me: Maybe. 

12. Are you wanted for any crimes?

Akira: I was, but Nightingales have a way of bribing the guards away, and then pickpocketing the gold back! *laughs*
Meiburu: There's something we have in common *smirks* Yes i'm an S Rank criminal, and member of the Akatsuki, so it's safe to say i'm a wanted person.

13. Are you a virgin?

Meiburu: Being a virgin would prohibit me from my line of work... so no. 
Akira: Virgin?! In a war?! No one's a virgin in that situation! Especially with hot hulking nords everywhere!

14. Do you ever fantasize about same-sex relations?

Akira: *mumbling* Fucking Scarlet... too hot for her own good...
Meiburu: No, never, unless i'm planning out upcoming jobs.

15. So, what is your favorite curse word?

Akira: *grins* Fuck!
Meiburu: Bastard. 

16. When was the last time you threw up?

Meiburu: A few jobs ago... the man was disgusting... fat... revolting smell... but the quickest way to a man's secret's is through his penis, and i can leave out the rest of the details of that night thank you... *shudders*
Akira: Urm... i'm not sick very often, so maybe when i was little. 

17. Have any mental illnesses?

Meiburu: Healthy body, healthy mind.
Akira: Yeah, likewise... i think... *uncertain what Meiburu means*

18. What is your biggest phobia?

Meiburu: Spiders... nasty little bastards....
Akira: Water, and werewolves. 

19. What is the closest you have ever been to dying? Or have you ever died?

Akira: If i'd have died, how would i be here now? *groans and holds head* that makes my brain hurt... and yeah, once or twice. I took an arrow for Ulfric and was out cold for a few weeks due to blood loss. He stayed by my side the whole time though, and that was the beginning of our relationship really. 
Meiburu: I'm too quick for near death experiences. 

20. Have you ever kissed someone of the same gender?

Meiburu: Yes... 
Akira: Hey, i didn't want to, but Ulfric said it'd be super hot if me and Scarlet made out, so we did, but she came onto me! I had nothing to do with it!

21. Did you like it?

Meiburu: Perhaps...
Akira: No... maybe... she's a good kisser alright?!

22. When's your Birthday?

Meiburu: The 9th of September.
Akira: 11th of November.
Me: Woah, that's weird, as Mei is 09/09, and Akira is 11/11... spooky...

23. If you could meet anyone, who would it be and why?

Meiburu: Hmm, that's tricky... i guess i would like to see Sasuke again, so i can beat the shit out of him...
Akira: Urm.. maybe Scarlet's mum, so i can be like "woaaah i met your mum and you've never met her, now she prefers me wooo!"

24. What is your ultimate goal in life?

Akira: Make money and live weathily.
Meiburu: Be with the most powerful group or person in the world. 

25. Anything else you'd like to say? End of the interview now.

Akira: I'm better than this pretty little whore, as i have class~
Meiburu: You? Class? That's the funniest thing i've heard all day... Cat.

*camera cuts out and standby screen appears...*

Well that was fun, now time for tags! :D

:iconnightswarrior: :iconluckykoneko: :iconmelodylynngrace: :iconmoonsnake12: :iconhikaritsumetai:  

And anyone else with OCs :D

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